Monday, May 31, 2010

moderate moderation

Am I the only person working on Memorial Day? Well it sure feels like it, but I gotta make the moneys for New York (!) later this summer. I can't wait, will probably overdose on shopping excitement.

First picture from Vogue, second from The Misadventures of Flaco, which I dig

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

o did i mention....

that I saw the most incredible deadmau5 set at Coachella? First time he busted out the new stage set up and $30,000 mau5head.

Holy shit that helmet. I don't know how he sees out of it with all the lights going across the face, and he did take it off at one point during his set.
PS I think I'll make my own mau5head for Halloween . . . unless of course someone buys me a certain present.

chapter 1726?

All photos from my adventures at sxsw.