Friday, February 12, 2010

past tense


Some of my favorites from the late great. RIP

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Monday, February 8, 2010

lackluster life

Just looking for some inspiration as usual. School, walking to school and the cold are all taking a toll on my motivation to wear fun stuff. I have only a few pairs of shoes that I can walk the mile or so to school in without getting blisters, and because my school is mostly uggly clones and frat boys I'm even less motivated, when really that should make me want to look more individual. Waking up at six a couple days a week for work when its cold and dark doesn't help either. Blech. Whatevs, time to stop complaining immediately and man up (I think I've been saying man up a lot recently). I can't wait for summer.

Images from Sea of Shoes, Le Fashion, Because I'm Addicted, Knight Cat, Fashion Roadkill, Ashley Simko, Yvan Rodic, Mr. Newton and other places that I can't remember.