Sunday, January 3, 2010


My New Year's Eve consisted of a box full of fireworks that scared the crap out of me, gorgeous people, lots of Lady Gaga, and only 2 sips of champagne even though it was my first New Year's being 21. O well, still fun. I wish I had gotten some better pictures of my Rodarte for Target leopard bow dress which I am in love with. I forgot my camera of course, so these pictures are a friend's.


  1. what a beautiful night. so glad i was able to share it with you. lets have a sleepover soon that involves lots of alcohol and no driving.

  2. I love how almost every post I've seen of someone's NYE includes, masks, fireworks or some sort of light show and champagne. The energy of that night still rattles my bones. Excellent post.

  3. why thank you, queen of hearts.

    manders, sleepover!