Sunday, January 3, 2010


For this post I wanted to do something a little different. I was thinking recently that trends are generally ridiculous, often unflattering, and gone before I can keep up haha. It made me think how style is really what you make of it, how you are different, not how well you follow trends (or at least for me).  To me it's really about having you're own look, whether it's particularly in style or not. So then I started thinking about what clothes I love that look good on me and that I hope I keep forever, because they are such pivotal pieces for my style.

Pieces I hope I keep forever:
-Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo men's extra large wool cardigan with very eighties looking gold buttons.
-Vintage kimono that I wear around the house instead of a nasty robe. I wear it out though too, it's too nice to keep inside.
-2nd hand Jean Paul Gaultier long sheer white shirt dress. It has these really high slits and mother of pearl (or something) buttons, and I wear it over dark leggings and a tank top and it's amazing.
-Vintage basic black peacoat.
-Amazing vintage draped black cocktail dress that used to belong to my grandmother.
-My elephant teapot that I bought at a knicknack store in Olympia (granted it's not a piece of clothing but I feel it's very me).
-Lots of white button down shirts, thrifted men's wool cardigans and anything gray (including Earl Grey Tea).
-High-waisted pants like some vintage disco pants I found in light blue polyester (ha) and ancient Wranglers.
-Thigh high socks
-Red nail polish, big rings, animal inspired jewelry and turquoise jewelry.
-I hope there is at least one piece of leopard patterned clothing in my closet at all times in honor my my paternal grandmother who was very glamorous in a slightly tacky way.

Well that's a long list. What are your most essential pieces?


  1. I sometimes lurk your blog via Amandas blog Teenage Rampage but I just have to comment on this post: YES! YES! YES!!!! It's all about keeping pieces forever and hording grandmother (even if it's not your own granny) treasures. I've gotta give it up for my vintage everything: grandmothers Givenchy clip ons, super sexy Pucci lingerie sheer gypsy two piece pants thing, vintage black bathing suit with boning, Vivienne Tam white sequined cocktail, any and all vintage fur hats, homemade gloves, 60s calf high moccasins fitted for my mother, white beaded capelet, Neiman Marcus camel trench, okay I think I might just do my own post on my own blog because this is so much FUN! Once again, props on this awesome awesome post, great idea.

    Smog :)

  2. vintage red-orange cropped velvet short sleeve jacket
    anything with leg-o-mutton sleeves

    i'm forcing myself to be done now

  3. wow, all those pieces you just listed sound ridiculously amazing! thanks for lurking :)