Sunday, December 27, 2009

a rodarte christmas

I had an amazing christmas, hope everyone elses' was great too. This christmas eve, my family had about fifteen people over for dinner, and on Christmas day we went to a friends house and had even more amazing food. And wine, lots of wine. And Irish coffee and Harvey wall-bangers.

Photos courtesy of my wonderful friend Sophia. Mine will be developed soon hopefully.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping (neither of us had ever been shopping the day after Christmas before and I think I'll avoid it next year), but it wasn't all bad because she bought me the ridiculous/awesome leopard lace dress from Rodarte for Target (bottom right).

I was keeping an eye out for the ribcage dress, but in vain. There was a surprising amount of stuff left, but only three of the leopard dresses so I'll have to take mine in a bit at the hips since I had to get a few sizes bigger than I normally would have. Pictures to come hopefully.

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  1. i luuuved that collection. i had my eye on a lacey slip dress, but alas the tit cinches were too small for me. oh well.