Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm pissed.
So I was reading Esquire at work when I came across a story called An Insurrection, which is apparently the winner of a fiction contest Esquire was having. Read it here and form you own opinions but I think its terrible. Absolute shit. For one thing, the way this piece is written makes me think of some little seventeen year old, trying so hard to be seen as intelligent and deep. The second paragraph of the story is this:

"Fitz felt the feel-good attitude of Boston fading. All the guilt and grief of unknowingly launching unthwarted terrorism had manifested in sheepish concern for the homeless and polite after-yous for all pepper-flecked future victims of foreclosure. A red knit cap, a soaking-wet army jacket, an edible mustache, and the smell of patchouli trawled for spare change farther down the T platform. Beebs watched Fitz repeatedly not fork over charity."

Wtf. I have no patience for writing that beats around the bush so badly. If you're talking about a homeless man, just say so. Its ridiculous and wordy and round a bout. I'm sure I can find many less superficial faults with this story than just its tone and wordiness, but I don't want to read it a second time, one was bad enough thank you.

But really Esquire? This is a winning piece of fiction? Really?
Ok thats enough of my rant for the day.

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