Thursday, November 12, 2009

why the u of a sucks

Gee lets think about this.
1) They have laid off tons of teachers recently.
2) They have asked the other ones to teach more classes with less pay.
3) The electric bill at the U of A is in the millions each month. Arizona has more sun than we need but hardly anyone takes advantage of solar paneling. (The U of A did actually cover one of their parking garages with solar panels this semester but this gets in the way of my rant. Also, it's just one garage. Hopefully with the money they save they can tile more roofs with solar panels.)
4) I like making lists.
5) They told me this semester that all the classes for my major and my minor are full so I can only take electives next year that won't even count toward my degree. My scholarship only lasts four years and they are making me take a bull shit semester.
6) The classes I need to take are full because they keep letting in students even though there is no room.
7) The leftover teachers are pissed because they have to teach huge classes.
8) There is a class taught in Centennial Hall where performances are usually held. My friend's dad teaches it, I thinks it's intro to Oceanography or something. At any rate there are 1200 students in the class. Yes, 1200.
9) All the bike racks are always full and campus is ridiculously crowded.
10) I bump into at least one person a day who is walking in the bike lane because apparently they can't see the lines and symbols of bikes painted on the ground.
11) Half the students are in sororities or fraternities, so the campus is basically a big cloning facility.
12) Big classes take attendance with these horrible 'clickers' that you use to enter answers to questions during the lecture. In my parents' day it was your choice whether or not you went to class and I think it should still be that way.

I would keep going but I'm just getting pissed. But I don't want to be angry so I'll just leave you with this:

Going to the moon brb! Because you can do anything when you grow up. Ha.

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