Sunday, October 4, 2009

yes and no

There are some things I will never get on board with no matter who says they are in style: shoulder pads, ott fringe (a very small amount is ok), more nineties shit, more eighties shit, jumpsuits. I can't help it, I just DO NOT WANT.

I love Leigh Lezark. She is like a beautiful, aloof, little bird.

This last image from moodboard.

I feel like everyone likes Kate Moss. I don't deny she's gorgeous, but I'm not sure if she's worth all the fuss. I found these Kate pictures here, and they are my favorite pictures of her. Even if I'm not a huge fan, they are great pictures.
I'm mesmerized by pictures of people when they are young and beautiful.

But look who she's with. Johnny Depp is one of those people who looks better and better with age. Which isn't to say he didn't look good when he was younger...

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