Sunday, October 4, 2009

octoberfest and stuff

My mom decided to pay me to help her clean her house because she is too busy. We used to have a house cleaner when I was little, and she was hilarious. Nelly would give our mess disapproving looks and 'organize things.' The house always looked much better after her visits, but we would find things much later, hidden, stuffed in boxes and vases and any sort of container she could find because we had so much shit.
When I say we used to have a housekeeper that makes it sound like my parents had lots of money, which was not the case. We've just never been very organized or good at getting rid of stuff. Now though, I'm glad my mom has saved certain things, like some of my grandmother's dresses, and all these knick-knacks that I found now as I clean the house.
She had me vacuum the spider webs off the patio ceiling, which I thought was silly because this is the only time of year when spider webs are acceptable around the house.

Some old pictures of my parents' house, I like it much more now that I don't live there anymore.

In other news, tonight I went to Octoberfest, which was the white-trashiest thing I've done in a while. Not to say that Octoberfest is for white-trash, just that the Tucson Octoberfest is awful. But whatev, my friends were in fine form so it was pretty sweet. My favorite thing that was said tonight was my friend describing how her boyfriend tries to get some action, saying, "Babe, what can I say to get you to suck my dick?" To which she says "There are no words."
Least favorite thing tonight, almost being thrown up on by some guy and seeing some girl's pubes over the top of her very very low jeans. Lovely.

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