Friday, October 16, 2009

now back to whatever i was talking about before

So as I've already mentioned, I'm not too excited about all the 80's/90's styles coming back. I can't help it, I have never been a fan of the fashion of either of these decades.

I love Freja, but it's too much I tell you!

Lots of lace and florals at Dolce and Gabana, which actually could have been much worse, but still is a little too nineties for me. I do like a small amount of lace, or a nice floral, but its all about the execution.

And here are some shoulder pads just for good measure. My shoulders are already big enough but thanks anyways.

So I've been hungering for something new, not something that just reminds me of repeat styles I didn't like in the first place. And I think I've found it with Pringle of Scotland:

I love love the neutral colors, especially the grey which is my most favorite color.
Both Pringle of Scotland and Preen have this wonderful grey/yellow thing going on that I knew I loved for a reason.

I'll forgive the slight shoulder pad because 1) skinny models can do shoulder pads, and 2) grey and yellow!

As far as new and interesting goes, you can almost never go wrong with Dries van Noten, but I'm still a bigger fan of minimalist neutrals.

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