Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tonight when I was driving home from my brother's house when I saw a dog running in the street. He didn't run like other loose dogs I have seen, but ran in a straight line down the street at a full sprint, holding up traffic. I followed him for four miles, pulling over and trying to call him off the road. But when he heard me he just ran faster. I got ahead of him then and ran in front of him trying to herd him to a Safeway parking lot, but he was having none of it. He must have been terrified because as soon as he saw me he tried to run the other way, but was blocked by cars.
When my mom sees an animal in the road she stops to help it, even if it is dead she pulls over to get it out of the street so its body doesn't get more crushed.
So I jumped back in the car and followed the slow line of cars that was stuck behind the still running dog. And then I lost him. The street was too dark to see a dark dog and the cars had gone back to their normal speed.

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