Sunday, September 6, 2009

a sunday outing

So it was my dad's birthday a few days ago. He's a bit of a recluse and doesn't like parties, but since it was his sixtieth, he relented to a small gathering up at Madera Canyon which is maybe an hour south-west of Tucson. My parents have a couple acres of land up there that belonged to my grandparents. There used to be a cabin, but the forest service decided it needed to be torn down for some reason or other. So now my dad has this land that he can build another cabin on, he just needs to find the money to do it.

The doggies running off into the wilderness as we went for a hike on the land.
This is our friend's dog Oulie. She dives into lakes to fetch rocks if you throw one for her. If you don't throw one, she'll jump in and find one herself. This also applies to sticks apparently. She ran down this hillside to find a stick and brought it back to us.
It was quite the field trip.

The best stick Oulie could find. She wacked us all in the shins with it.

Towards the bottom third of the picture there is a large turquoise colored spot on the rocks that was some kind of mineral deposit.
More mineral deposits.

An abandoned mine-shaft near the creek.

Oulie playing a little tug-of-war.

In case you couldn't tell, I don't like posed pictures.

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