Monday, September 14, 2009

a story for monday

So this story was relayed to me by a little blond stripper I work with (no I'm not a stripper too, that's just her other job), but I liked it so much I've decided to pretend I was there. She was at Zen Rock, which is this new supposed to be Vegas-themed bar in downtown Tucson, and guess who was there.
Yep, that guy. If he still looked like this the story wouldn't be as funny, I think.
Anyway, so she goes over and asks him for a picture. They take a picture (him grabbing her ass) and then without any prompting from her, he says, "Let me sign that titty!" and pulls a marker out of his pocket, grabs her nipple, and signs her boob.
I probably would have been a bit traumatized by this, but she just thought it was funny, though she did say he was a bit of a creep.
I'm really curious what Ron Jeremy was doing in Tucson, but ah well, these are the mysteries of life.

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