Saturday, September 19, 2009

new urban myth?

So this story was told to me by my boyfriend, who heard it from his friend back in Texas, who heard it originally from his girlfriend. I make no claims to how true this story is, and I have only filled it out a bit from how I heard it, without changing anything. I think it has definite urban myth potential. Ridiculous? Yes, but I dig it anyway because it reminds me a bit of one of my favorite short stories, I can't currently remember what it's called but it is in my favorite genre, Southern Gothic.
Anyways, so the girlfriend, Morgan, was baby-sitting for a rich family who was friends with her parents. They lived in a nice area of some city in Texas, and she drove across town to get there. The kids were pretty young, but seemed nice enough, and all she had to do was feed them lunch, play with them for a bit and then their parents were scheduled to be back.
After lunch Morgan took the kids to their play room upstairs, which was entirely circus-themed. The rest of the house was big and echoing, and completely bare of all toys. But this room was colorful and overflowing with legos, costumes, and stuffed animals. There was even a little statue of a clown, about as tall as the kids, standing in one corner. Morgan already didn't like clowns, and was especially creeped out by the statue because it had eyes that seemed to follow her like a ventriloquist's dummy. She asked the kids where it was from. They didn't know, but said it was fun to play with sometimes.
After half an hour or so, Morgan heard the phone ring and ran downstairs to get it. It was the mother, calling to check-up. Morgan said everything was going fine, and jokingly asked why on earth they had such a strange clown statue in the playroom.
"What statue?" asked the kids' mom. Morgan explained. The mom was quiet for a minute then said quickly, "We don't have any statue like that, you need to get the kids and get out of the house."
Morgan did so and the parents came rushing back with the police. After doing a thorough search of the house they discovered that there had been a midget living in the house since before the family moved in. He had lived in the attic and moved through the air vents, sometimes playing with the children.

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  1. oooohhh... I just got chills reading that. So creepy, even if it's not true.