Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer's end

Well I had an exciting week. I have been working non-stop all summer and decided I needed one last vacation before school started again. I really don't feel like I've had a successful summer unless I go on at least a couple trips. They don't have to be anywhere thrilling like Europe or Peru, just as long as I can get out of town and go somewhere I love or somewhere I haven't been before. Last week I drove to Texas with my boy, because he has family there. We broke down on the way there (maybe more on that later), then continued on to Corpus Christi.
This is a fellow guarding the door of a Mexican restaurant on Port Aransas.

Then we continued on to a ranch near Uvalde, and climbed an old windmill.

In true Texas fashion, the ranch is stocked with lots of liquor and guns.

We took the scenic route to the ranch, which took us through Ingram, Hunt, Leakey, and Campwood, Texas, just to name a few.
Along the river there were beautiful properties and inns.
Each fence post has a boot on it.

Wild turkeys hiding in the grass.
We also passed some game ranches where they have exotic animals, like this very hard to spot gazelle.
Ibex on another game ranch.

Deer heads left to bleach in the sun at the ranch.
Lots of cows live at the ranch and get in the way while we drive around.

Reindeer. Or maybe elk, not quite sure.
The magnum they were shooting at some cactus was so loud they had to plug each others' ears.
It was a great trip, even though I'm always a little conflicted at the ranch because I am not down with killing animals, but really the deer at the ranch have a much better life and are probably killed more humanely than the cattle we raise for our burgers.

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