Thursday, August 13, 2009

o frabjous day

Today is a rare beautiful summer day in Tucson. It was completely overcast until at least two pm, and even rained a bit while I was at work. Even now it's probably only eighty-five degrees out and beautiful.
Today I went out after work to some of my favorite stores to get beads and fabric and other fun stuff. Ever since I stumbled upon the glamourai, I have been so inspired to dress cute and make stuff. I used to be really adventurous in my fashion choices in high school, and now I'm getting back into having fun with my clothes.
I'm a huge deal huntress, so making my own clothes and jewelry is perfect for me.
Today I loaded up on beads, rings, fabric and elastic for my current projects. I am in love with huge rings right now, and after digging through a barrel of jewelry scraps I have a pile of supplies for some awesome rings.
Pictures to come I hope.

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