Friday, August 28, 2009

my one true love

Alright well in truth I have many loves, but Hawaii is up there at the top. It is one of my favorite places in the world, and I fully intend to move back there someday. My brother and I were actually born in Hawaii and our parents lived there for a while before we came along. Unfortunately we were packed off to Tucson when I was only five, because my parents thought we should grow up knowing our grandparents.
But when we went back recently, I knew right away I needed to live there again. As soon as you get out of the airport, even amidst the traffic, the air is soft and smells wonderful.

My parents used to rent this house and could have bought it at the time for $125,000 I think they told me. It is now worth over a million dollars.

Night fishing with my dad's friend Vaughn who is Mormon and has seven kids. My dad told us about how he used to always try to get Vaughn to drink tequila with him, and Vaughn would try to convert my dad to Mormonism.
I think that Hawaii is not as picturesque as it is presented and shown in movies and whatev. I think it is a little more wild. It's not all white sand and clear blue water, there is hardened lava and coral to slice up your feet, and jellyfish, but stuff like that just makes it exciting.

Birdpoop Island. Seriously.

An eight year old Mormon fire dancer. His mom proudly told us how he went to the national competition for fire dancing.

This is Turtle Bay Resort which is just a cove away from the house we used to live in. There used to be houses all along these beaches, but over crowding was hurting the turtle population so most of the houses were torn down.

But now it's been more than twenty years since the houses have been gone and there are far less people in Kawela and Turtle Bays, and so the turtles are coming back. We snorkled with them.

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