Saturday, August 29, 2009

i'm excited...

Today I'm excited because,
1. some jewelry I ordered from ebay finally came, all the way from Hong Kong. Ebay is one of my favorite things because the deals I have found there are amazing. It's one of my best sources for great cheap vintage finds like an old hunter green Dooney and Burke bag I have, vintage dresses, all sorts of jewelry, and an Oscar de la Renta scarf I love.
2. Peaches is coming to Tucson*
3. Junior Boys are coming to Tucson**
4. I went to a sweet show on Thursday where I saw Death Vessel (not a metal band despite what the name sounds like) and the Fruit Bats. I really dug some of Death Vessel's stuff because it sounded very back woodsy and chill. There's something about that Southern, back woods sound that is amazing - think Kings of Leon around their first or second album, before they sold out.

*Footnote to number 2, I probably won't actually be able to go to Peaches (sad) because I'm most likely going to be in LA for the Halloween monster massive.
**I'm really not sure why I want to say Peaches is, but then I say Junior Boys are, because both names are plural. Ack, prescriptive grammar.

Also, I am currently rereading 1984, after I finally finished A Brave New World. I wish I had as much time to read as I used to, but with school and work, it's hard dammit.

I was talking to one of my recently graduated friends this evening, and I noticed, once again, how ridiculous it is for recent college grads. He just graduated with a degree in classics I think, and he is applying for jobs at CVS and Walgreens, neither of which are looking promising he says. Unbelievable, but I do not despair (just yet that is) because I have a couple more years until I graduate, and who knows what will be going on then.

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