Sunday, August 9, 2009

i love my dog

So about two years ago, I had just moved into an apartment by myself, was a freshman at the U of A, and decided I wanted a dog to protect me. I had seen an ad on Craigslist that had pictures of maybe ten dogs that were in the sick bay and about to be put down that night because they had kennel cough. The ad was asking people to go to the pound and get a dog because kennel cough really isn't very serious, its just a problem when dogs are in groups like at the pound.
So I asked my mom what she thought, and if she would go to the pound with me. She told me that if I went there was no way I would leave without a dog.
So we went, and looked through all the cages, and I almost cried so many times. I wasn't really drawn to any dog in particular, I just wanted to take them all so they wouldn't be put down.
Then we looked in the sick bay. When I think back on it now, I'm not sure why I picked him, because he didn't do anything to stand out, I don't think he even came up to me. But for whatever reason, I picked him. The name on his tag was Clive.
At first they said I couldn't adopt him because it was after five (closing time) and it was too late and he was going to have to be put down that night. But after a bit they let me take him. I thought the name Clive was silly, so I named him Owen, because of course the name Clive reminded me of Clive Owen.
He was so strange and quiet at first, he didn't wag his tail, or react to me at all. After a while he warmed up and when I first left him to go to class I was worried, but I had to leave. I left him in the yard and was riding my bike down the street when I heard a little tinkle and panting. I turn my head and there he is, running along a little ways behind my bike.
Owen continued to follow me to class until I was forced to leave him inside the house. After a while I would leave him in the yard again, thinking he would stay and wait for me, but I would come back, riding my bicycle down the alley and find him laying under my car waiting (he always knows exactly which one is my car).
His papers from the pound say he is a hound mix, I think he is part beagle, part pit bull, and part something else, because he is pretty big. Some people have said maybe German Shepherd or Lab.
So now I have had him for almost two years, and he has turned out to be the best dog I've ever owned. I had a lot of dogs growing up, but he is the most loyal and loving. I don't know if it was the pound that made him this way, because I know a lot of dogs turn out pretty screwed up, whether from previous abuse or from being treated badly at the pound.
Right now I'm sitting in the backyard of my third house since that apartment, and Owen is laying behind me, panting because it's still probably ninety-five degrees out.

Owen and my boyfriend's dog Jackie, on our way to the stable for a little ride
Owen and my brother's husky/wolf puppy Charlie
Owen on the fridge/bike jump at our old house
Owen and Charlie
From left, Yoshi, Charlie and Owen
My little brother and his puppy and Owen

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