Wednesday, August 12, 2009

another tuesday, another ride/ wednesday finds

Last night my friend Jaime and I went on the Tuesday Night Bike Ride. I think it was a special occasion because there was at least a hundred people there, probably more. THey always make some sort of announcement before the ride starts, about a concert coming up, or to watch out for cars, that sort of thing, so I usually don't pay much attention. This time however, everyone was clapping and honking their bike horns, and Jaime said, "He's proposing!"
Yep, apparently someone proposed right before the ride. Original? Yea I suppose so. But if she had said no, imagine how embarrassing that would have been. Luckily she said yes.
The bike ride just keeps getting more exciting every week.

On to my finds for today:

These remind me of a chapel that is right next to Tucson High. The wall facing the street says, "Happiness is Submission to God." For years people have been sneaking onto the lot and spray painting some new message there.
My favorites are "Happiness is Submission to Godzilla," and "Happiness is Submission to Tod." My friend's mom admitted that it was her and her friends who wrote that last one back in the day when they were in college.

Pics from Oddee.

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