Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a small revolution

So Bloody Marys are my new favorite drink. In other news, the boy and I went on the Tuesday Night Bike Ride, which is a weekly ride (obvs) through and around and under the city. The ride went past the freeway this week, and near A mountain which is on the far southern side of the city. There's something really fun and almost powerful about having a big group that can stop traffic. I'm sure it helps that we're on bikes because cyclists get hit by cars here, just like in any other busy city, so the cars can't do much even when they have the right of way. Well that sounds bad, like we're being assholes and flouting traffic laws left and right, but really the ride is well organized, and sometimes there're even cops there to direct traffic. Yay, cops.
I'd forgotten how much fun the ride is and this was my first time going in quite a while, and it was great. At the end of the route we were in the downtown area, riding between all these little dark shops and restaurants and fountains, with everyone's bike lights looking like a mad firefly dance.
At any rate, it was awesome, forgive me if my grammar is not so good, I'm a couple Bloody Marys deep, and I usually make them much too stiff.

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