Friday, July 31, 2009

things i don't love

Whenever I'm working I wish I wasn't, and could be relaxing and doing nothing. Then as soon as I'm relaxing and doing nothing I feel like I should be doing something more. Today I worked this morning and now I have the whole afternoon off. I went looking for a second job for a bit, but now I'm just sitting, drinking a white russian in my boy's "man cave." And I feel useless.
I'm sure there's something I should be doing, like cleaning, fixing something, I don't know, but more than drinking and watching shitty TV that's for sure. Bleh.
But this is a great drink.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Something else I love: texts from last night. It is poetry of the party sluts.

things i love

This is a photograph by Lillian Bassman, there is a whole series that is stunning.

I want want want a gorgeous house full of vintage and weird things, but being a poor student I'll have to settle for my version of a house like this.

Images from Moodboard, and previously from editorials of magazines I won't buy.

Apparently the model Sasha Pivovarova is an artist. What interests me is how the faces look like her. Also from Moodboard.


Artist Su Blackwell makes these amazing sculptures out of pages from the book.

breaking news today!

Not really. In case you haven't heard, it's hot in Tucson.
When the sun gets up at four thirty or five (?), and it's ninety degrees at least by six in the morning, there's no escaping. I work almost everyday in a nice air-conditioned little store so I don't notice it so much, but it's like a greeting in Tucson, when you say hi how are you, the other person says, "Hot." And it's annoying. I like the summer. All my favorite fruit is in season, my birthday's in there somewhere, and the monsoons come. For anyone who hasn't been in Tucson for the monsoon season, I think its worth it, but some people might argue with me because of the heat.
A couple years ago we had a really great monsoon season. I was on fourth avenue at an awesome thrift store called Value Village when the storm came in. I love how even the people who have lived here for years still go to the window or doorway to watch when a particularly good storm hits.
So I was standing in the doorway with everyone, watching, and every time there was a loud crack of thunder, a group of boys probs my age would jump. I asked and they said they were from Chicago and had never seen anything like this. I told them nothing to worry about, this happens every summer. But it kept pouring, and the water kept creeping up the sidewalk until it started flooding the store.
The rain stopped a little bit later and we walked out to fourth ave (which is lined with shops and restaurants and a couple bars) to find it completely flooded. I took off my moccasins, and the water came up to my shorts in a few places. We saw people opening their car doors and water rushing out.
Most stores had shut their doors in an attempt to keep the water out, but a couple places, one pub in particular, had their doors wide open and the people at the bar, sitting and drinking their beers with water up to their shins on the bar stools.

Nothing nearly this exciting has happened this monsoon season.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a small revolution

So Bloody Marys are my new favorite drink. In other news, the boy and I went on the Tuesday Night Bike Ride, which is a weekly ride (obvs) through and around and under the city. The ride went past the freeway this week, and near A mountain which is on the far southern side of the city. There's something really fun and almost powerful about having a big group that can stop traffic. I'm sure it helps that we're on bikes because cyclists get hit by cars here, just like in any other busy city, so the cars can't do much even when they have the right of way. Well that sounds bad, like we're being assholes and flouting traffic laws left and right, but really the ride is well organized, and sometimes there're even cops there to direct traffic. Yay, cops.
I'd forgotten how much fun the ride is and this was my first time going in quite a while, and it was great. At the end of the route we were in the downtown area, riding between all these little dark shops and restaurants and fountains, with everyone's bike lights looking like a mad firefly dance.
At any rate, it was awesome, forgive me if my grammar is not so good, I'm a couple Bloody Marys deep, and I usually make them much too stiff.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

more places

new love

So recently I've been really into vintage stuff, namely, clothes. I used to wear old clothes of my mom and dad's in high school, and got back into finding and remaking sweet stuff after finding, which I cannot get enough of. I think its hard to be really stylish in T-town, but the glamourai has definitely inspired me. Right now I'm really digging these old wranglers of my dad's (he was very skinny when he was younger) that I have turned into shorts.
Other things I've been digging recently:
Gin & Tonics (I just turned 21 and these are the easiest and least screw-up-able of drinks I think)
Department of Eagles
Vegetable smoothies
Give In To Me by Michael Jackson (I'm not sure where this one came from, it's the only one of his songs I really like)
A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

some places

o so childish

So there's all these things I like that I feel kind of ashamed for liking. One of these things:
LOL cats.
But seriously, how is this not hilarious?
Extra letters? Having to sound out sentences? It's great, believe me.

Something I am not ashamed to like:
Princess Coldstare. I can't help it, she's that cool girl in elementary school that laughed at you for bringing bell peppers for lunch, but was just too cool not to like. I may or may not have been that nerdy kid with hippie parents....

my many animals

Not all of these animals actually belong to me, but most of them do in one way or another.

some of my people